Sa 02.02.2019, 16:45 - 18:15 Uhr

mit Hedviga


Meditation, vision and the power of permanent awareness in everyday life


Let’s talk about meditation and how it can ultimately transform your life. Peace, clarity, inner strength and stability, curiosity and playfulness. These qualities and so much more is there for you to discover and thus slowly become your daily reality. Vision can open a completely new, vast universe in the center of your everyday life.

I invite you to this talk in which I want to introduce you to the techniques designed by Samuel Sagan MD, founder of the Clairvision school of meditation.


I will touch on topics such as:

o          what is meditation and what is its main purpose

o          what are the benefits of this practice

o          vision of the third eye, vision of the heart

o          the third eye and its key role in developing the vision

o          power of the constant awareness in everyday situations


At the end of the talk I will also share with you some information about the upcoming regional events of the Clairvision school, such as the “Awakening the third eye” meditation-workshop on February 16th and 17th in Vienna, and the IST 101 - regression course on May 19th to 25th close to Bratislava/Slovakia.


If you are seeking something more in your life and if you want to learn about this unique path towards higher realizations and states of consciousness, this talk is meant for you.

Meet the speaker

My name is Hedviga and to introduce myself I will mention some key words which are in the center of my current life experience:

A spiritual seeker, partner of a beautiful man and love of my life, a student of the Clairvision school of meditation and eternal idealist who loves the stars.

Ever since I can remember, I had a deep longing for “something more” in life, the higher and vaster dimensions of human experiences. While working for approximately two decades in international companies and during a period of four years leading a department in the field of marketing, I have experienced how it feels to reach the top of working pressure and the bottom of exhaustion, as well as carrying the weight of challenging circumstances in my private life. My experiences made me curious about finding ways to deal with life´s trials, which to a great extent seemed to be rooted in our own mind and our ways of seeing things. So I started to bring more focus to observing the mechanisms of my own mind and in the same time recognized similar patterns in other people’s ways of thinking and behaving. Meditation practice has always played a key-role in this process of self-observation and finding peace and stillness in the storms of life.


In 2015, I found the Clairvision school of meditation and started to apply its techniques in my daily life. This opened up a new horizon and helped me to see the bigger picture, a profound way on how to transform and create an island of stillness in the middle of a busy life.


My desire is to share with you about my experiences on this precious path towards transformation through meditation.


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Sa 16.02 - So 17.02.2019

mit Finn Høffner - Clairvision Schule


In diesem zweitägigen Workshop erlernst Du grundlegende Kenntnisse und Techniken der Meditation zur Erweckung des dritten Auges, zur Entwicklung der "Vision" (das Erkennen oder "Sehen" nicht-physischer Realitäten), für schnelle Regeneration und bewussten Schlaf, für verbessertes Energie-Management und energetischen Schutz. Die eigene praktische Erfahrung und alltagstaugliche Anwendbarkeit des Wissens steht dabei stets im Vordergrund.


Diese Techniken bringen Klarheit, Focus und Bewusstheit, die uns dabei helfen innere Ressourcen zu aktivieren, begrenzende Muster zu erkennen und zu überwinden und dadurch intensiver und schöpferischer zu leben.

Die schrittweise Erweckung des dritten Auges bildet die Grundlage der "inneren Alchemie" im Stil der Clairvision-Schule, die wie jede authentische spirituelle Arbeit das Erwachen des menschlichen Bewusstseins, die Offenbarung des höheren Selbsts zum Ziel hat.

Dieser Workshop richtet sich besonders an Menschen, die sich unmittelbare und greifbare Bewusstseins-Erfahrungen wünschen.


"See for yourself, know for yourself"


Kursleitung: Finn Høffner - Clairvision Schule

Finn arbeitet seit 13 Jahren mit den Methoden der Clairvision Schule. Als studierter Ingenieur war er in Führungspositionen in verschiedenen Unternehmen in Dänemark, der Schweiz und der dänischen Air Force tätig. Er lebt in Dänemark und arbeitet als Business Coach und Mentor für Start-Ups und Einzelunternehmen.

Finn unterrichtet Meditations-Workshops in ganz Europa. Sein Unterrichtsstil ist gekennzeichnet durch sehr viel Herzlichkeit und Enthusiasmus.

CLAIRVISION ist eine internationale Meditationsschule, die 1987 von Dr. Samuel Sagan in Australien gegründet wurde. Mehr Informationen über Kurse und Aktivitäten der Clairvision Schule unter:


Sprache: Englisch (bei Bedarf mit deutscher Übersetzung)

Preis: € 210 Euro (€125 Wiederholer)

        € 185 Frühbucherpreis für Anmeldungen bis zum 7.1.2019

Info & Anmeldung: +43 676 424 71 40,