Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Empowering Yoga in English Vienna 1070
With Idan Meir

Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame.

- BKS Iyengar

Basic Intermediate

This yoga course gives the students the basics of Iyengar Yoga technique. The course will focus on the main three underlines of the teaching of BKS Iyengar: precision, alignment and extension.


The classes suits for beginners and intermediate level students who wish to enrich their understanding of the basic yoga asanas (poses) and to add another layers to their practice. Iyengar Yoga suits for all people regardless their yoga experience or physical abilities.



from September 14. 2017

Thursdays 18:00-19:30

TRIAL CLASS  €10 - only till October 12th


About Idan

Idan Meir is a qualified Iyengar Yoga Teacher TM. who is practicing yoga since 1999. Idan explored several yoga techniques till he found his heart in the teachings of Mr. BKS Iyengar. He is an enthusiastic and a passionated teacher who is happy to share his love for Iyengar Yoga and the endless possibilities it holds.



Trial class   €10 - till October 12th

Single entry   €18

5 entry block  € 80

10 entry block €150